Application Process

Selection Process

The scholarship selection committee is made up of community residents from all geographic areas of LaGrange County and from a variety of professions.  An equal number of scholarship selection committee members will read and score each qualified application per scholarship based on the criteria listed in the application. Following these scoring steps, the applicant or applicants with the highest average score or scores will, after final board of director approval, be awarded the scholarship.


Due to the volume of applications only applicants who have earned a scholarship award will be notified. This notification of award will be made by mail. However, any applicant who has a question about their application status may call the community foundation at any time during normal business hours. 

Payment of Award

Once the recipient completes and submits a (provided) scholarship voucher along with official school confirmation of enrollment, award payments are mailed directly to the school and the check is in the name of the school and the recipient.  To avoid late payment, all vouchers and enrollment confirmation should be turned in to the community foundation a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the due date.  Paperwork will not be accepted after September 1 and the student will forfeit the award.