Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


When is the scholarship application deadline?
LCCF scholarship applications must be submitted to the LCCF office by the date advertised on the website and Facebook pages. The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship has a separate date than the LCCF scholarships and will be advertised as well.  Be sure to allow enough time for your counselor to complete his or her part of your scholarship process and for you to complete your application before this due date. No application will be accepted after the due date, no exceptions.

Can I get an extension?
No. Extensions are not granted for any reason. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

How do you select scholarship recipients?
Scholarship applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee that will make a recommendation to the board of directors. Foundation staff processes the application materials for the committee members to evaluate with a point based system. The recipient for each scholarship must meet all of the standard criteria and distinguish him or herself from the rest of the applicants. Read about the scholarship and try to determine what exactly the scholarship provider is looking for so that you can emphasize your related qualities in your essay.

May I receive awards from more than one scholarship fund?
Yes.  You may apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible and could, potentially, receive several awards based on committee evaluation and the point system.

How much will I receive in scholarships?
Scholarship funds offer varying award amounts, which range from $250 to $2,000. Additionally, some scholarships are renewable for more than one year.

What will my scholarship award cover?
Scholarships may only be used for tax-exempt college expenses, such as tuition, books and required fees at an accredited college, university or trade school, where the student is attending full time. Scholarships cannot be used for housing, board or transportation.

Where can I go to school if I receive aid?
Most of the scholarships are for students attending accredited colleges anywhere in the USA, unless otherwise noted in the scholarship description. Some scholarships are designated for students attending an Indiana college. Please see the scholarship’s description.

When will I be notified of my award status?
If you are selected to receive an award, you will receive a notification letter in the mail in late April.

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?
This depends largely upon the scholarship, how well you meet qualifications and the level of effort that you exert in your search. Typically, you have a better chance of receiving scholarships that are limited to students within a state, city, sport or academic area. Scholarships that are more general typically have more applicants. 

If I receive a scholarship, should I send a thank you note? Where do I send it?
Yes.  Donors enjoy reading thank you notes and like to know something about the person who is receiving their scholarship. If you received one or more scholarships from funds at the Community Foundation, please address your thank you note to: “LCCF Scholarship Committee” and mail it to the LaGrange County Community Foundation, 109 E Central Avenue, Suite 3, LaGrange, Indiana 46761. The Foundation will forward it to the committee and/or donor(s).

Will I receive a check for my scholarship?
No. College scholarship payments are mailed directly to the school’s financial aid office. Your scholarship check will be made payable to both, the accredited, educational institution and you. 

What happens if I move or change schools after I’ve been awarded a scholarship?
You must notify the Community Foundation if you move or transfer to a new school. Contact the LCCF program officer at 260-463-4363 as soon as you have made your decision to transfer. 

Does the amount I receive in scholarships affect my eligibility for financial aid?
Yes. We give your award to the college you are attending and it will be credited for your tuition. If this happens, the school adjusts your unmet financial need accordingly.

What if I have questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact Program Officer Octavia Yoder.