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Envision LaGrange - A Community Conversation

Over the past few months we have collected information about LaGrange County's needs and the things we are successful at. It has been an educational path for us as we move into 2020. We are thankful for Mark & Cheri Becker who facilitated the conversations. We hope to have a completed Final Report of our conversations by February 2020.

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Shape The Future

Envision LaGrange, a project of the LaGrange County Community Foundation and the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation, encourages local residents to engage in a discussion about the future growth and prosperity of LaGrange County. 

The purpose of Envision LaGrange County is to engage the community in shared goals about the county's future and achieve consensus on the county's most pressing needs. The project will help the Community Foundation better understand how they can serve the county and inform future funding decisions

"...LaGrange County has the greatest parks department in the State."

- Randy Fry

The Community Foundation hosted four Community Conversations in October and November, seeking input from LaGrange County residents. The Community Conversations were open to the public and provide an opportunity for residents to share their voice about the needs in LaGrange County. Residents were encouraged to share personal stories about what is important to them, what they hope to see in LaGrange County, and what they believe to be significant challenges facing the county. 

"... improvements in utilities, this is digital age, faster internet..."

-Abe Jones


The Final Report will be published soon, check back with us or sign up to stay in the know!