2021 Scholarship Recipients

The Community Foundation awarded $99,500 in scholarships to 23 graduating seniors.

Lakeland High School scholarship recipients

  • Brooklynn Olinger – Allread Rife Family Scholarship; Bruce Brown Memorial Scholarship; Lakeland High School Scholarship and Mary McGawn Memorial Teaching Scholarship.
  • Cole Schiffli – Chase Scott Memorial Football Scholarship; and Joseph Willard Memorial Scholarship.
  • Isabella Rasler – Schlemmer Scholarship.
  • Jason McBride Jr. – Terry Schmidt Memorial Basketball Scholarship.
  • Keylee Fleeman – Brian Evans Memorial Scholarship and Craig & Ronda Neff Memorial Scholarship.
  • Lucile Cook – Mattea Holton Memorial Scholarship and The Bulldog Spirit Scholarship.
  • Madi Targgart – Judy Gage-Keenan Memorial Scholarship and Waddell Memorial Scholarship.
  • Pilar Canedo – Olivia Bay Lemings Memorial Basketball Scholarship and the Paul & Marian Krebs Memorial Scholarship.

Prairie Heights High School scholarship recipients

  • Alexandra German – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship.
  • Breanda Sutton – Prairie Heights High School Band Scholarship
  • Colton Penick – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship and the J. O. Mory Company Scholarship.
  • Jaden Soller – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship and the Mory Family Scholarship.
  • Katelyn Eash – The Craig & Ronda Neff Memorial Scholarship; Virgil & Florence Hardin Memorial Scholarship; The HOPE Nursing Scholarship; the Perkins Family Scholarship and the Ray & Ruth Culp Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kirsten Norton – The Beverly Todd Memorial Scholarship.
  • Samarah Orr – The Allread-Rife Family Scholarship, Amanda Crotts Memorial Scholarship and the Prairie Heights High School Scholarship.

Westview High School scholarship recipients

  • Allie Springer – Kerry Wilt-Spradlin Memorial Scholarship.
  • Bohdy Bontrager – Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship and the Rheinheimer Family Scholarship.
  • Brookelyn Lambright – The Rheinheimer Family Scholarship.
  • Isaac Rogers – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Mike Farmwald Scholarship and the George O. Witwer News-Sun Journalism Scholarship.
  • Jackson Minix – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kaylyn Gates – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Lyle Smith Scholarship.
  • Lillian Eash – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, Holly Petersen Memorial Science Scholarship, the James Kalb Memorial Scholarship, the Keith & Arline Davis Scholarship, the LIFE Scholarship, the Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship and the Ned Stump Memorial Scholarship.
  • Penelope Eash – The Morgan Hunter Memorial Scholarship.


If you would like to know more about Scholarships please contact Laurie Sherck, Scholarship Manager at lsherck@lccf.net or 260-463-4363. Anyone can give to a scholarship fund, consider donating to support local students.