Our Mission

To Inspire and Sustain Generosity, Leadership and Service in LaGrange County


We are a tax-exempt, public grantmaking charity, dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in LaGrange County.

The LaGrange County Community Foundation was created by and for the people of LaGrange County in 1991, and enables anyone with philanthropic interests to support the needs of LaGrange County. Together, with individuals, families, businesses, we create a permanent source of community funding that can benefit LaGrange County forever. 

Through the power of community philanthropy, we offer local citizens the opportunity to leave a legacy by creating permanent community funds. We connect people to charitable causes and provide resources to nonprofits to make a lasting impact. 

Our board of local community members identify current and emerging issues and use our resources to address local needs through grants and scholarships. We leverage gifts and bequests from generous donors to drive positive change.