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McMillen Health serves 310 LaGrange County Students

McMillen Health provided 10 preventative health education program sessions at Lakeland High School and Westview High School. The focus for 2019 was opioid use and vaping.

McMillen Health was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation in 2019 to support their efforts. McMillen Health’s greatest strength in this effort includes providing fact-based health education that promotes positive health decisions youth carry into adulthood.

Serving 310 LaGrange County youth in grades 6-12 and 15 teachers and staff for a total of 325 lives touched through LaGrange County Community Foundation funding.

They liked identifying which was candy or vape juice. Every time I have a program come in I am impressed and have never had a bad experience. Speakers are engaging and energetic and knowledgeable.

Ms. Duff at Westview High School

McMillen Health is continually expanding its programs and funding sources. Receiving support from the LaGrange County Community Foundation, the Council for Drug-Free LaGrange County, the Cole Foundation, and the Dekko Foundation has enabled opportunities to meet the everchanging needs of LaGrange County students.

We can all give back.

Most of us, given the chance, want to leave a lasting reminder of the gratitude we feel for the institutions we love and support. It is a privilege to make a difference—to show, in some way, that we have contributed to important work or played a part in a cause that benefits LaGrange County, perhaps for generations to come. A Community Foundation is a vehicle for people of all means to make a lasting difference in their community.

We can all give back.

By serving the needs and generosity of donors who wish to better their community now and in the future, the community foundation provides flexible, efficient and tax-effective ways to ensure the greatest possible impact.

The concept of a community foundation is simple: build over time substantial endowment funds through contributions large and small.

What is an endowment? Assets invested for endurance to generate a permanent source of income.

The LaGrange County Community Foundation invests for total return, spend what is really earned, reinvest for inflation, and NEVER invades the principle.

Income from unrestricted funds is awarded through the Community Impact Grant program. Unrestricted funds are flexible and can support the most pressing needs in the community.

Want to learn more about endowments and your foundation, Octavia would love to meet you. Call 260.463.4363 or click here for more details.


National Standards Accreditation Affirms Our Commitment to Excellence

LaGrange County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that we have recently received accreditation with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations®. This accreditation, signified by the Seal shown here, indicates that LaGrange County Community Foundation meets the highest standards for philanthropic excellence.

This is a significant accomplishment. When people trust LaGrange County Community Foundation with a charitable bequest, to establish a fund, or set up an annuity, they do it knowing that we have met rigorous standards for donor services, investment management, grantmaking and administration.

Octavia Yoder, Executive Director

We’ve always worked hard to do good, right here in LaGrange County. And we’ll continue to work with you to achieve your charitable goals. National Standards ensures that we have policies in place for financial stability and longevity, affirming our continued commitment to our donors, grantees, and community.

In short: We are a proven place to give.

The process of earning National Standards accreditation is arduous. The program requires community foundations to document our policies for donor services, investments, grantmaking, and administration. Our documentation was reviewed by a community foundation expert from a panel appointed by the Community Foundations National Standards Board, a supporting organization of the Council on Foundations in Washington, D.C.

The National Standards accreditation says this house is in order. It is excellent validation of the work we do on behalf of our donors and our community.

Octavia Yoder, Executive Director

With your help, LaGrange County Community Foundation has become a more effective partner for impacting the causes you care about. Thanks for working with us.

LaGrange County Community Foundation was accredited with National Standards in January of 2020.