Community Foundation awards $99,500 to graduating seniors

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Community Scholarship Program, which aims to support the educational aspirations of students in LaGrange County.

Through the program, the Community Foundation awarded $99,500 in scholarships to 23 graduating seniors.

The Community Scholarships are open to graduating high school seniors who are pursuing higher education at an accredited university, college, or trade school. The program has grown to 45 donor-created scholarship funds, each with its own unique criteria. Funds are created by individuals, families and businesses and are managed by the Community Foundation.

The scholarship funds support a variety of career paths such as education, agriculture, health, science, nursing, and more.    

Scholarship recipients, listed by schools, are as follows:

Lakeland High School scholarship recipients

  • Brooklynn Olinger – Allread Rife Family Scholarship; Bruce Brown Memorial Scholarship; Lakeland High School Scholarship and Mary McGawn Memorial Teaching Scholarship.
  • Cole Schiffli – Chase Scott Memorial Football Scholarship; and Joseph Willard Memorial Scholarship.
  • Isabella Rasler – Schlemmer Scholarship.
  • Jason McBride Jr. – Terry Schmidt Memorial Basketball Scholarship.
  • Keylee Fleeman – Brian Evans Memorial Scholarship and Craig & Ronda Neff Memorial Scholarship.
  • Lucile Cook – Mattea Holton Memorial Scholarship and The Bulldog Spirit Scholarship.
  • Madi Targgart – Judy Gage-Keenan Memorial Scholarship and Waddell Memorial Scholarship.
  • Pilar Canedo – Olivia Bay Lemings Memorial Basketball Scholarship and the Paul & Marian Krebs Memorial Scholarship.

Prairie Heights High School scholarship recipients

  • Alexandra German – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship.
  • Breanda Sutton – Prairie Heights High School Band Scholarship
  • Colton Penick – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship and the J. O. Mory Company Scholarship.
  • Jaden Soller – Prairie Heights High School Scholarship and the Mory Family Scholarship.
  • Katelyn Eash – The Craig & Ronda Neff Memorial Scholarship; Virgil & Florence Hardin Memorial Scholarship; The HOPE Nursing Scholarship; the Perkins Family Scholarship and the Ray & Ruth Culp Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kirsten Norton – The Beverly Todd Memorial Scholarship.
  • Samarah Orr – The Allread-Rife Family Scholarship, Amanda Crotts Memorial Scholarship and the Prairie Heights High School Scholarship.

Westview High School scholarship recipients

  • Allie Springer – Kerry Wilt-Spradlin Memorial Scholarship.
  • Bohdy Bontrager – Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship and the Rheinheimer Family Scholarship.
  • Brookelyn Lambright – The Rheinheimer Family Scholarship.
  • Isaac Rogers – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Mike Farmwald Scholarship and the George O. Witwer News-Sun Journalism Scholarship.
  • Jackson Minix – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kaylyn Gates – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, the Lyle Smith Scholarship.
  • Lillian Eash – Lambright Leadership Scholarship, Holly Petersen Memorial Science Scholarship, the James Kalb Memorial Scholarship, the Keith & Arline Davis Scholarship, the LIFE Scholarship, the Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship and the Ned Stump Memorial Scholarship.
  • Penelope Eash – The Morgan Hunter Memorial Scholarship.

Anyone can give to current scholarship funds. For more information check out the List of Scholarships or call us at 260-463-4363.